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Every road led back to the place she'd been running from all her life.

Molly O'Brien has come home to Ireland, and her best friend, Ryan Callaghan. Sharing a house in the village where they met, they fall back into old habits, teasing each other and making stupid bets. But they aren't kids anymore. So, when their latest wager involves kissing and pretending to be mad about each other, it forces Molly to re-evaluate their relationship and how long she plans to stay.

As half the village adds their two cents in the form of unsolicited advice, whispered side-bets, and some blunt home truths, Ryan realizes how high the stakes are this time. If Molly folds, she could fly back across the Atlantic and refuse to play with him again. Which would be an awful shame, now he's finally figured out how much she means to him.

It's not easy to seduce your best friend when her dysfunctional family keeps popping in for visits. But all of Ryan's efforts will be in vain if Molly can't confront her deepest, darkest secret and the real reason she keeps running away.

*An earlier version of this story was published as The Bridal Bet. 

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