Harlequin Presents

The virgin’s surrender

When Roane Elliott meets a naked stranger on the beach, her second thought is to challenge his trespassing. Her first thought makes her virginal heart beat quite erratically!


Then she discovers the stranger is Adam Bryant. The smouldering, dark-hearted son of the Bryant dynasty. After a decade away he’s back to claim what’s rightfully his. However wilful the prize…

Roane is determined to resist him, but the temptation is overwhelming. His bedroom door is open and she’s taking steps to her surrender…

This book is also part of the "Untamed Billionaires" anthology


Revenge is best served red-hot, passionate and delicious!

Heiress Ashling Fitzgerald has come home determined to prove that she's changed. Secretly she wants to make amends--with the tall, dark housekeeper's son she left behind. But he's not the boy she once knew--

Gabriel Burke is now an infamous billionaire!


Gabe thinks Ashling is still incredibly sexy. He doesn't want her apologies. Instead he wants her in his bed--he wants revenge. But once he's got it, Gabe discovers he's hungry for more...


Rule #1--Never mix business with pleasure...


Rich, gorgeous playboy Alex Fitzgerald initially hires Merrow O'Connell for her interior-design skills. But soon Alex is determined to break his number-one rule and have the Irish beauty in his bed. She's perfect mistress material!

Merrow can't argue with the boss. But she's learned not to let anyone get close, and has vowed to stay unattached. So what will she do when the billionaire playboy suddenly wants her to be more than just his mistress?

This book is part of the "His Mistress Proposal" anthology.


Self-made fitness tycoon Rory Flanaghan is tall, rugged and so, so sexy. When Cara Sheehan starts one-to-one sessions with Rory, exercise takes on a whole new meaning!

Though she might be inexperienced in the bedroom, Cara knows Rory's heart is locked away. But Rory will show Cara what she's been missing. With one touch, one kiss, one night, he'll have her complete surrender!

Also published as "Breathless".


Connor Flanaghan had always been out of her league. He was strong and gorgeous, and his charm was legendary! As a naive teenager Shannon could only gaze from the sidelines...as the love of her life stared straight past her. 

Now Shannon is all grown up, in control of her life and she's left the past, and her crush, behind...or so she thinks. 

Connor has just walked through her door, but the lazy smile is gone, replaced by a ruthless glint in his eye. The bad-boy billionaire is back, and he's better than ever!

Also published as "The Return Of The Rebel".

This book is also part of the "Bedded For His Pleasure" anthology


Circumstance has left Finn McNeill without a place to stay, which means her only option is the spare room of friend and firefighter Shane Dwyer. Soon Finn's burning question is: what's worse - living with a rugged fireman who's off limits, or having no home and no rugged fireman at all?

Memories from Finn's past refuse to let her act on her present desire. And Shane has promises to keep that mean Finn is forbidden to him. But how long can they resist temptation when the flames of passion are licking at their heels?

Also published as "White-Hot".