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Promotion Services

Promotion is the publicizing of a product to increase sales or public awareness. Authors focus on the latter, in order to have a knock-on effect on the former, aka book sales. The goal is to attract attention, get people interested enough to click on a link and make that all important purchase.

Tailoring a promotion to tie in with your brand will increase recognition and encourage sharing by your followers, helping to broaden your reach to potential customers. There is more to a successful book promotion than simply posting your book cover and some buy links. You must plan ahead!

If you have a book release coming up and would like discuss a promotion, put together a workable strategy which could include anything from a branded graphic or teaser campaign through to a mini-book trailer, then Trish can help! Simply contact her on the website or via Social Media to have a chat about what you need.

Book Graphics
Mini Book Trailers

Branded Book Graphic   £8.00

~ May include book cover and short quote .


5 x Book Graphics with Quotes   £25.00

~ A one hour brainstorming session combined with a comprehensive online search to ensure the proposed author name/brand are not currently in use and  providing examples of existing brands which most closely resemble the one/s you prefer for further development. Follow up email to recap. Author must email a few ideas a week prior to the scheduled session so Trish can complete the necessary research and develop  any suggested changes accordingly.

Branded Book Campaign   £40.00

Slide Show with Text    £25.00

~ This is the basic design. It includes a teaser of the plot and the book cover. (See below for samples.)

Slide Combo with Pics, Video & Text  £40.00

Author Logo   £20.00

Bookmark/Business Card Designs   £15.00

Graphic for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or Blog posts   £10.00

(Please consult the Promotional Services page for individual book ad campaigns)

When the book trailers /graphics are approved and paid for in full, they become the property of the commissioning author , who may use them when and where they deem fit.

Sample Promotions
A pact between friends that could change
If surrendering to her so she could have
10 Days.jpg

Each plan/package can be booked via email to and must be paid for in advance via PayPal using the same address.  On receipt of both, you will be contacted to schedule date/s for any brainstorming sessions and will be informed when Trish is working on your design. If you have any questions regarding these services, let us know! 

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