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Join Trish as she forges a more reader-interactive path in the next stage of her writing journey. You can read some of the new stories chapter by chapter as they're updated between scheduled book releases, wait and read a few chapters at a time, or binge read the finished first draft all in one go. All for free and prior to their publication in eBook and print anywhere else.  When they're printed, they'll disappear from Wattpad. So, don't miss out!


Get more of the stories you love 


If there's a story or series you enjoy, you can vote or comment on it to let Trish know you want to read more. You can also become a supporter on Patreon in 2023 and buy the odd bag of pasta to help feed a starving author in exchange for exclusive behind the scenes content, deleted scenes, short stories, discussions on the folklore in the books, writing tips, the odd pasta-based recipe, and regular Q & A's. 

Become more involved

Help people find the stories you love by sharing links to them on social media, reviewing them on Amazon or Goodreads, or unleash some of your own creativity with artwork, videos and fantasy casting. Authors love when you do stuff like that and it encourages them to write more and possibly even faster! Sign up for The Wonders group on Facebook where there will be ARC competitions and giveaways and you can talk about the books with fellow readers. We'd love to see you there!

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