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Marketing Services

An author's brand is a unique name and image which is immediately identifiable. It aids in the marketing and sale of books with a consistent, recognizable theme. When utilized correctly alongside a growing list of books released at regular intervals, it will help you stand out of the crowd and build a rapport with your readers based on trust.


It's not something you should wait to consider after you make your first sale! Ensuring your brand is established prior to publication provides a professional image which may attract editors and agents, particularly if it helped you build a platform.

If you wish to formulate a brand, commission artwork based on your brand, re-brand to launch the next chapter of your writing career or want to put together a marketing plan based on your publishing schedule and/or a new series of books, Trish can help! Contact her on the website or via Social Media to have a chat about what you need.

Author Branding

Brainstorming Session   £10.00 per hour

~ A friendly, creative chat conducted in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype in either text or via a phone call with a follow up email recapping the most viable suggestions. This can literally start with nothing beyond knowledge of what you want to/already write.


Research & Development   £25.00

~ A one hour brainstorming session combined with a comprehensive online search to ensure the proposed author name/brand are not currently in use and  providing examples of existing brands which most closely resemble the one/s you prefer for further development. Follow up email to recap. Author must email a few ideas a week prior to the scheduled session so Trish can complete the necessary research and develop  any suggested changes accordingly.

Complete Design with initial Artwork   £40.00

Branded Artwork

Website Header    £20.00

(This is the initial design and must be completed before any other artwork can be commissioned)


Website, Facebook & Twitter Package   £30.00

Author Logo   £20.00

Bookmark/Business Card Designs   £15.00

Graphic for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or Blog posts   £10.00

(Please consult the Promotional Services page for individual book ad campaigns)

When the branded artwork is approved and has been paid for in full, it becomes the property of the commissioning author , who may use it when and where they deem fit.

Sample Artwork
Paranormal Potions.jpg
Untitled design.jpg
Weekend Words.jpg

Each plan/package can be booked via email to and must be paid for in advance via PayPal using the same address.  On receipt of both, you will be contacted to schedule date/s for any brainstorming sessions and will be informed when Trish is working on your design. If you have any questions regarding these services, let us know! 

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