He's all in. She wants out.

Talia Morales knew she should never have married Aaron Rudeski. She values her independence too much to give it up, even for a handsome, smooth talking Texan who fulfills all of her sexual needs. So, why hasn't she signed the divorce papers yet? That's what her friends want to know. 

Over cocktails one night, they all agree it's time to shake things up and make changes in their lives. They're all smart, sexy, go-getting women! Surely one of them should be in a steady relationship? 


All Talia must do to honor her part in the pact is sign her name on the dotted line. But quitting isn't in Aaron's wheelhouse. He's determined to fight for his wife. Lose her and he loses everything. 

The race to find happily-ever-after begins in this prequel to The Passion Pact series!

Can the first boy she fell for be the man she needs?

Callie Morris has a plan to make dating simple. She doesn’t see why finding Mr. Right needs to be complicated. Before she gets started, her friends insist she take a good, long look at her BFF, Oscar Levinson, to eliminate him from the running.  

The last thing she expects to find is a spark of attraction. What’s more, it appears to be mutual! 

Oscar has been keeping secrets and some of them are huge. Now the geek Callie grew up with must find the courage to tell her everything. Their friendship could be a strong foundation for happily-ever-after.


But Oscar fears the truth might set him free.

A pact between friends that could change all their lives. Read the first book in The Passion Pact series!

The last guy she should fall for is her best friend's son.

Avery Buchanan is perfectly content with her life. She runs her own business, has a gorgeous apartment and a close circle of friends. Everything is the way she always dreamed it could be. She most certainly doesn’t need dating advice from a foul-mouthed Neanderthal! And yet, there's just something about Josh that seems to be getting under her skin. It couldn't possibly be that she's attracted to him...?


Recovering from an injury, Xtreme sports superstar and feast-for-female-eyes, Josh Westfield, initially accepts the challenge to defrost Ice Princess Avery because he's bored. He’s an expert in the art of getting laid and she obviously needs help. Offering  

to demonstrate what she’s been missing in the bedroom probably wasn’t what his mother had in mind when she volunteered his services. But why should Josh let some  

other, much less worthy guy, reap the sexual rewards of all his hard work?

The search for love continues in book two of The Passion Pact series!

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