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The Passion Pact
The Passion Pact 2.jpg

He's all in. She wants out.


Talia Morales should never have married Aaron Rudeski. Stupid Vegas. Stupid champagne. Stupid Aaron and his talented tongue! She values her independence too much to give it up.


Why hasn't she signed the divorce papers yet? That's what her friends want to know.


Over cocktails one night, they agree it's time to shake things up. They're all smart, sexy, go-getting women living in a city full of hot guys! It shouldn't be so damn difficult to find love.


Talia isn't down with the love part but signing her name on the dotted line is long overdue. She knows it. Aaron knows it. The whole damn world knows.


So, why is he pissed when she does?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature themes.

*This story is a prequel and as such may not have a traditional happily-ever-after

*Previously self-published as 'Mostly Married' Now re-branded as a New Adult romance

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